LGSH provides accounting, audit, tax, due diligence, and a variety of consulting services to start-up companies and early stage ventures and growth companies. We advise all start-up participants because we understand the needs of entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity funds, investment bankers, and other investors who provide capital for new and emerging business ventures. Our financial professionals have a strong focus on entrepreneurs and early stage start-up growth companies. 

LGSH experts advise our clients during the entity and structure selection process. After their entity has been formed, our CPA firm’s start-up accountants provide comprehensive accounting, tax, and advisory services, as well as full-service business management and management consulting services.  

When our clients consider an acquisition or other business combination, our experienced team can assist during the transaction with due diligence and proper tax structuring approaches to ensure your value. Once our client has consummated the deal, our experienced team can provide accounting, audit, tax planning and compliance, as well as comprehensive advisory services for the new acquisition and structure.