Our consultants assist in the interpretation of the financial data and its effect on your business, including:

  • Financial Forecasting
  • Analyzing Financial Statements
  • Determining the Business Profitability
  • Determining Which Accounting Services Are Most Needed
  • Establishing Consistent Accounting Practices
  • Succession Planning

Business Consulting

At LGSH we offer a full range of services for our clients beyond tax and financial statements.

Our years of experience assisting our clients in the lifespan of their businesses—from the startup phase all the through the sale of their business—has given us valuable knowledge that we use to consult with our clients.

We work with our clients throughout the year and advise them on strategic transactions that allow their businesses to grow and develop. At times, we serve as an outside CFO providing our clients with valuable resources from our own experience, as well as in collaboration with other trusted business professionals. LGSH is a partner in developing business models, cash flow projections, and internal control implementation. Our professionals advise on succession planning for our business clients.